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"Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
James Baldwin

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"If we do not address this within our profession, we leave each educator and leader to define what is fair, just, and equal, based on their own backgrounds and life experiences." -Kayren Gray, M.Ed.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultants on a mission to close the gap and change the narrative.

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An EXCLUSIVE & PROPRIETARY curriculum that can be Fully Customizable
TEA approved CPE provider
Program meets SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) standards

Now, more than ever, companies, organizations, teams, and businesses of all sizes are seeking solutions. And the one area for which every company needs a solution, regardless of industry or size, is in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.

Why is this? Well, aside from the obvious moral reasons, it is becoming more and more strikingly clear that there is a direct link between having a diverse and inclusive workforce/environment and having a growing, robust organization.

Your employees want a solution, need a solution, and will feel the pain if they don’t have a solution in the area of Diversity & Inclusion training. They want to do the right thing!

Are you a Pioneer, a Champion, or an Influencer?

Knowing the natural role you play in building diverse and inclusive environments and knowing how to guide others in discovering their natural role is ESSENTIAL to bring about lasting change in our workplaces and our world. What sets apart “Another Seat at the Table” from any other Diversity & Inclusion Training in the marketplace is the proprietary core curriculum we have called  “The Pioneer, The Champion, and The Influencer.” 

This core teaching helps everyone self-identify the role they can play and explores how each person as an individual is integral in this big-picture process.

           Another Seat at the Table, will help EACH PERSON identify…

Their own role
What motivates them
What their self-talk is (and how that may positively or negatively affect their contribution)
What change-driven actions they can take right away to make a difference

This is a DIFFERENCE-MAKER in you being able to help your team thrive in the process of building greater diversity and inclusion.


Our mission is to help organizations and leaders on The Road to Equity™ by becoming culturally conscious through awareness, empathy, opportunity, and engagement in order to close the gap and change the narrative.


Our vision is to create more equitable classrooms, campuses, and communities focused on best practices in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion through shared experiences, friendly conversations, and organizational change.


Our goal is to foster a new narrative by reshaping the conversation and reimagining our world to define the legacy of your organization and ultimately, you as a leader. 

The Reality

In a rapidly changing world, new issues and challenges arise almost daily. Negative news dominates over positive, misunderstandings result in tragedy, and a disconnect and fear plague our society, overshadowing all the goodness in our world.

How you react will define you, your brand, and your organization leaving lasting imprints and effects. What will occur, whether expected or unexpected, are circumstances that impact your organization as a whole. How will you react and show up?  Let's mobilize our resources collectively to begin your path on #TheRoadToEquity

Our Commitment

MK Results, LLC focuses on identifying barriers; defining diversity, equity, and inclusion and its role in your organization to close the gaps;  implement solutions and strategies to create access and opportunity to set each individual up for success; inspiring leaders to move from awareness to action to create more inclusive, equitable spaces.  

We seek to begin 'A Friendly Conversation' to change silence into mindfulness, leading to action and results. We understand the importance of being proactive and are here to assist to ensure equitable outcomes. How you confront difficulties translates to culture & climate - greatly determining the story of your organization.  Our team of educators, professionals, and experts from different backgrounds & disciplines are ready to identify, implement, and inspire!


All workshops and training can be customized to the needs of your organization. 

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Equity Advocates focused on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion best practices. Find out ways to help your organization grow.


Servicing City, State, Federal Government, Public Service Professionals, Communities, Schools, Police Departments, Businesses, and more!

Graphic Design

Let us help you tell your story through art. Read more about our services and what we offer.

Interview Prep

Let us help you prepare for your future by building your confidence to seal the deal. See our promotion for Educator Job Fair Interview Prep! 

Speaker Series

Our team has a host of moving story tellers who share their experiences to inspire, engage, and motivate employees, leaders, educators, parents, and students.


Professional Development focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership. An array of topics to meet the needs of your organization all focused on closing the gap and changing the narrative.

Youth Programs

Learn more about our programs for schools and students to close the gap. Education + Entertainment + Engagement

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