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Youth Programs

All youth programs are funneled through "Set Me Up For Success." It is our goal at MK Results, LLC to provide ALL youth programs we offer at no cost to the school, campus, or district. Therefore, we rely on generous business donations, sponsorship, and community donations to fulfill our mission and reach more students to equip them with the real world skills necessary to function and change the narrative.

Please consider sponsoring or donating to support our youth programs and scholarships.

Audience: middle school, high school, college/university campus, or community near you to create #changemakers!

Businesses or people who donate can specify what city or specific school they would like to sponsor to bring this amazing experience to your youth and young adults. Advertising for your business included. This is a great opportunity to connect, support, empower, and partner with the local campuses and your community.

Consider sponsorship today by simply donating to our GoFundMe Account for Set Me Up for Success and/or email with additional questions. Click on the link below.

Thank you.

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Consider Donating Today

All donations benefit Set Me Up For Success - programs for youth across the country provided at no cost to schools or districts to ensure equitable opportunity. Your donations are appreciated as we reach one to teach one on #TheRoadToEquity

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Learn more about ways you can invest in our youth as a community member or business. There are ways you can partner to make a difference. Find out ways to provide some of our awesome services to your local community. Contact us for our sponsorship letter.


Thank you. We express our sincere gratitude and appreciation. Your feedback is always welcomed, appreciated, encouraged, and valued. Talk soon.

-Kayren Gray