"Kayren is wonderful to work with and has always been very knowledgeable and personable in everything she does. I would love to work with her again and again"


Julie Smith (TX)
Public School Teacher

Kayren, the founder of MK Results, is a knowledgeable business with many skills! I sought Kayren's services to provide me with guidance on marketing my personal business. She listened intently, with interest, as I explained my needs and my ideas for my business logo. Within an hour, she had created the layout for my logo. More importantly, I left feeling encouraged and empowered. 

Jenise Wright, M.Ed.

Del Valle Early College High School

Thank you

I’d like to send out a very special thank you to Ms. Kayren Gray, founder of The Road To Equity. Due to COVID, we had to go out of the box and had Ms. Gray as a virtual guest speaker. My CCJHS kiddos loved the experience.
Ms. Gray is a phenomenal businesswoman and advocate for diversity & equality in education. Thank you so much for your time! ❤️

Rebekah Mobley, CCISD Teacher


I appreciate bringing Equity more into the center of the conversation at Closing The Gaps. This presentation offered useful reflections, tools and action steps to work equity in a classroom setting. I appreciate learning about the Harvard Implicit Association test. Taking some of the tests was eye opening and gave me feedback about work i can do. Thank you!

Participant at 2020 Closing the Gaps Virtual Conference